Try Condo Rentals Instead Of A Hotel

So here’s an idea you’ve got to try –

Stay in a condo vacation rental instead of a hotel on your next extended business trip.  If you’re staying in a city more than three days you should try it out.  Why?

  • Save money.  Surprisingly condo vacation rentals can be a lot cheaper than a hotel in a lot of locations, especially in off-peak times.
  • Increased comfort.  Hotel rooms can get a bit stuffy at times due to their small size.  Vacation condos typically give you a lot more space.  Plus, a condo can feel a lot more like home.
  • Be healthy.  Vacation condos usually come with full kitchens.  That way, you can cook your own meals and avoid the unhealthy restaurant food you’re tired of by now.

I’ve stayed in two condo rentals.  Saint George Vacation Condos in Southern Utah as well as Turtle Bay Vacation Rentals in Hawaii.  I loved them both – much better and cheaper than a hotel.

I found both condos by doing a quick google search for the term “vacation rentals” + the city or location you’re travelling too.  There’s a few websites that act as directories that will pop up in the search results as well, but I usually like to go directly to the individual vacation rental’s website first.  Both the examples I stayed at you could book completely online, and were given a combination code to access the condo.  Other condo rentals require a phone call and meeting with someone to check you in.

So try mixing it up next time you travel for business.  Stay in vacation condos instead.  Who knows, you may actually feel like you’re on vacation instead of slaving away for “the man”.

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