A Traveler’s New Alternative to Mount Everest

The 29,029 treacherous feet called Mount Everest have long been reserved for only experienced hikers. And now, according to a Time.com article, “the journey to Earth’s highest summit also requires a considerable wad of cash.”

Outside Magazine’s Alan Arnette has reported that, on the low-end of the spectrum, climbing Mount Everest “without sacrificing safety” will cost a pretty penny, about $35,000 – and that’s the price if you’re climbing on a team with seven others.

To take on the journey on your own, or with a guide, includes fees for permits, waste deposit, insurance and, of course, that pricey flight halfway across the world to Nepal. When all is said and done, climbers can look at spending anywhere from $83,000 to upwards of $100,000 on the journey of a lifetime, but is it worth it?

For those who have been saving up for the flight to Kathmandu alone, the Himalayas are now accessible to the millions of people who aren’t willing to drop $100k on what is, to them, the journey of a lifetime that will take a lifetime to pay off.

The alternative is the Great Himalaya Trail – 5,000 miles of footpaths laterally crossing the mountain range that separates China and India that offer something for everybody.

Visitors to Nepal can enjoy leisurely, week-long self-guided tours from village to village, or participate in trails that are slightly more endurance-testing.

What all the trails have in common is that they cater to those who are seeking a Mount Everest-sized adventure, without necessarily scaling 30,000 feet at a price of $3.33 per foot.

With districts along the Great Himalaya Trail being some of the most remote yet beautiful places in the world, it is surely set to become an ultimate destination for adventure seekers worldwide.

If you’re flying in on cheap flights to Kathmandu, make sure to carefully research your selected flight route before embarking and ensure that you have any and all necessary equipment to make a safe journey.

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