Online booking in Amsterdam made socially responsible

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Maybe you have been there already and you decided to come back; then before starting to plan your trip to this beautiful European capital, you should get to know more about Living Amsterdam and Robin Travels. This is a great chance for you and for all the travellers to book their stay in Amsterdam and help someone at the same time. The service provided by Living Amsterdam to their customers consists of a booking website that helps to find an accommodation in Amsterdam, searching on a database of more than 350 properties.

The prices shown within Living Amsterdam website are the same proposed by and their competitors. This means that the rates found through Living Amsterdam are not higher than any other online booking service. Living Amsterdam keeps part of their income for another parallel activity, which is the final focus of this project. This is called socially responsible tourism.

Together with Robin Travels, Living Amsterdam sustains and contributes to the development of educational systems in depressed areas of the world. In order to accomplish this mission, some schools have been contacted, visited and personally selected to join the project.

This is why booking an accommodation with Living Amsterdam is much more than simply organizing your holidays or making a reservation; it’s the chance to help someone who’s less lucky than us and needs our support to develop as an individual and learn, and maybe one day travel as well.

It’s important to underline that this educational project is built with the idea of respecting the cultural differences. Living Amsterdam is based in The Netherlands and its staff is based in Europe, but there is no intention or interest in exporting our educational systems to another country and apply it to a different culture. It’s important to keep the local cultures alive and raise the children in their own habitat, with respect to their native environment and traditions.

Another very important aspect of this project is transparency. Living Amsterdam and Robin Travels are aware of the role of this approach and it is considered a priority. This is why one of the main goals is to share our income and decisions with our followers through our websites and social network.

Living Amsterdam is also an information point for anybody who wants to know more about the city of Amsterdam. It’s possible to surf the website and reach our blog where anybody can retrieve information.


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