Cross-Dressing Business Consultant Travels in Women’s Underwear

Business Traveler in dragBusiness travel is a way of life for all types of people.  However, I’ll bet you’ve never seen this before …

Meet cross-dressing business traveler “Howard”.  He’s a cross-dresser who regularly boards planes dressed only in women’s underwear and heels.  Seriously.

He says he cross-dresses to make business travel more fun.  We say go for it Howard.  Whatever you can do to make business travel less miserable, go for it.

“Howard” isn’t his real name.  He’s a business consultant that needs to keep his true identity a secret, otherwise his reputation as an excellent consultant will, well, get “dragged” down.  He’s 65 years old, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Howard has been videoed and photographed preparing to board planes dressed variously in spandex tights and matching midriff top, and women’s underwear and heels.  Some of the videos have made it to YouTube, which we’ve posted for your viewing below.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently interviewed Howard.  I’m surprised this is a story in SF.  Howard wouldn’t even get a second look in most parts of San Francisco.

“It has never been my intent to put people in a situation where they feel uncomfortable,” Howard told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I try to respect other people’s opinions. As long as my dress is not indecent from a legal perspective, and so long as the airline does not object, I have the right to wear what I wear. And others have the right to wear what they want to wear.”

He told the Chronicle that, “This is just something I do for fun. I don’t mean any harm,” he said.

Check out the Youtube videos, which are starting to get lots of views –


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D.K.Milgrim-Heath November 29, 2011 at 5:05 pm

For Any Airline Flight This Is Extremely Offbeat
By D.K.Milgrim-Heath©2011
For any airline flight this is extremely offbeat-
Because a man gets away in women’s underwear he thinks that’s quite neat.
I’m glad that his ‘traveling in underwear picture’ is really all over the world scattered around-
Now his embarrassment is outside of Phoenix, AZ no more quietly safe and sound.
Why do you want to be so private so details are hidden for your own privacy?
This man wants the world knowing him only by his traveling attire now publicly displayed obviously!
Mr. Cross-Dresser age 65: Have you some sort of emotional hidden shame?
Since you don’t want the world knowing your real identity publishing your name!
No matter that you’re a preferred customer mentally/emotionally YOU DON’T RESPECT OTHER’S FEELINGS BY TRAVELING YOUR WAY-
Legally indecent exposure is indecent when other passengers do object –
No matter what the airlines say they’re not always completely correct!
Obviously another passenger said US Airways said employees had ignored other passengers’ complaints about your apparel quite daring!
But another passenger took your photo showing the world ‘how lovely you think you look’ by what you’re wearing!
Everyone’s really laughing at you now worldwide don’t you think?
Remember you’re not anyone famous that gets away with the same type of thing-
That should be a crime of indecent exposure that’s publically ignored being complaints everywhere about instead of continued silence of everything.
Everyone (I can’t speak for others like you) seeing your photo/learning about you say you’re nuts having a missing link!
I know fully about public decorum-
And I’m so glad that finally a dress code will be discussed for passengers for their airline forum.

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