More than just a hobby-winter sport in Tyrol

Every year a vast amount of tourists sets off to enjoy the winter at its finest: by diving into the world of snow sports. For decades Austria has been a centre of winter sports activities and its popularity persists. The Arlberg, with a heigth of 9,222 feet, is one of the most popular destinations in Austria’s western state Tyrol. Here people can indulge in skiing, snowboarding, apres-ski and more. Shops like the ski rental in St. Anton give visitors the opportunity to rent a pair of skies or a snowboard locally. As another benefit the ski hire in St. Anton offers additional equipment and clothing as well as sales.

St. Anton itself is said to be a top skiing resort, one of best worldwide. The good reputation St. Anton has gained can also be ascribed to its good infrastructure and entertainment options like sports centres and sightseeing routes. For all who are interested in the main attraction, the ski slopes, ski rental in St. Anton has a range of equipment for people of all abilities. As a visitor, the opportunity of hiring a pair of skies or a snowboard from a ski hire in St. Anton is highly valued.

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