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At the heart of Maui the biggest community is called Kahului. Visitors may be involved in a variety of activities in exploring the culture of Maui, its heritage and also its organic beauty. Whatever your budget for your travel, Kahului keep you covered from free to spending just a few hundred dollars. Since Kahului is at the center of Maui travelers are able to visit other areas of the islands in their convenience.  Plan your Hawaii surf vacation.

The Arts and Culture of Maui

The arts complex established in the year of 1194 is Maui’s Arts and Cultural Center. The complex offers various arts like music, cultural programs, dance and also theater performances. A lot of local exhibits are done in here along with some international arts shown and also Maui Arts has been a gracious host to movie screenings. In the year 2010 of September some of the best ever shown are Maui Ukelele Festival, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Maui News, Solo Sessions like that of Jake Shimabukuro.

Maui Arts has its guided gallery tours of which travelers visiting the complex learn of the background for exhibits along with some educational discussions. A sponsored event by Maui Arts extends to artwork of kids 3 t0 12 in grade school. Students get to learn of the artistic concept and methods used during hands-on activities with instruction from the artist. In the year 2010 of September everyone are still able to visit the gallery for free but the tour for children’s artwork has a charge of $6 each student. So this is a great place to allow travelers especially student tours Hawaii deals or educational trips as a learning experience and giving them knowledge of the arts in Hawaii.  Stay here, here, or here while you’re in Maui.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours offers visitors are tour on air around Molokai, Maui, The Big Island also with Kauai. Guests may watch erupting volcanoes along with the dormant volcanoes, some rainforest, waterfalls, sea cliffs and a lot more of the Best of Hawaii scenic spots. A typical tour may range from a 25 minute ride up to 65 minute ride. A price range to some famous of this type of tour offers this at $165 to as high as $420.

Hike in Maui

A hike is a free activity or may not depending on your preference and is great to do at rain forests, waterfalls and even mountain ridges. Visitor chooses from the easy hike to a more professional level or strenuous hikes which last from 3 or 11 hours. A short walk may be a hike on 2 waterfalls or valleys. A guided hike may range from a price of $75 up to $154 each person. Most of the time the amount will already be inclusive of a fruit or a sandwich lunch.


What do you do in Kahului, Hawaii during vacation travel

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