Use Your Smart Phone In-Flight

It’s now possible to use smart phones like an iPhone to make a phone call in the middle of your flight.

You can make a call, but will the airlines allow it is another question entirely.

More and more planes have Wi-Fi, or wireless internet available.  Astute smart phone owners are figuring out how to use Voice Over IP (VoIP) technical protocol via  Truphone to place mid-flight phone calls on planes with Wi-Fi.  Skype also uses VoIP.

Federal regulations prohibit regular cell phone use in-flight.  But, the regulations currently don’t ban internet based phone calls because they don’t interfere with plane flight operation signals.  A new bill in debate in Congress seeks to ban all phone calls by passengers, even VoIP calls.

The airlines also seem to want a ban.  They’ve requested the providers of their inflight wi-fi to block VoIP phone calls.

Would you make a phone call on a plane using your smart phone and VoIP if you could?  What are you thoughts on banning all in-flight cell phone use?

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