New York City Subway Safety Tips

NYC Police Department was handing out a brochure with safety tips and suggestions when riding the New York subway system.  The NYC subway is relatively safe, especially considering how many people ride the train every day.  In NYC, the vast majority of people take the subway to work.  Cars, taxis, and other forms of transportation are really expensive.  So, don’t hesitate to take the subway when you’re in NYC.  However, take a look at these safety tips:

Watch Your iPod, iPhone, and iPad

  • Keep your iPod out of sight
  • Don’t stay by train doors when using electronic devices
  • Be alert for pickpockets when listening to music
  • Change the earpiece color away from the standard white iPod headphones when riding in public

Hold on to your cell phone

  • Carry your cell phone carefully:
    • Don’t let it drop
    • Pack it away
    • Belt holders need to be secured
    • Keep ’em out of sight

Defeat a thief – Make sure what’s yours stays yours

  • Secure your backpack
  • Keep you wallet up front
  • Carry hand bag, up front
  • Stay with others during off-peak hours
    • Use designated waiting areas
    • Ride in conductor’s car
  • Avoid being “bumped”
  • Be alert for “staged” distractions
  • Keep jewelry hidden
  • Protect your personal space


Tips to keep yourself and your belongings safe within the New York Transit System …

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