Luggage Shipping How To

Sometimes you simply want to avoid all the hassles of carrying, checking, and claiming luggage.  That heavy suitcase or golf bag can literally and figuratively be painful to deal with.  Shipping your luggage may be worth the price.

Lost at how to ship luggage?  Here’s some luggage shipping information (and some information on St. George golf courses here too):

Luggage Free

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination.  Give Luggage Free 24 hours notice to pick up your luggage.  Only 6 hours notice is needed in NYC.

Costs vary.  To give you an idea, a 40-pound bag from NYC to LA is $226 for overnight arrival, and $148 for 3-day shipping.  $1,000 in insurance is included.

Luggage Concierge

Luggage Concierge needs a one business day notice to pick-up your bag for domestic flights.  10 to 14 days notice is needed for international travel.

Cost also vary.  A 40-pound bag is $325 form NY to LA.  $178 for 3 day shipping.  $1,500 in insurance is included.

U.S. Post Office

The Post Office is a cheaper alternative to ship your bags.  But if you want white glove service, you certainly won’t get it from the Post Office.  If you want pick-up from the Post Office, you need to do all the work of weighing the bag, putting it in an acceptable postal box, and pre-paying for the postage online.

Again costs vary, but to give you an idea a 40 pound bag overnight from NY to LA is $144.  You only get $100 insurance at this price, but you can buy more.  Two-day service is $75, with insurance available for purchase.

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Sean A September 30, 2009 at 4:03 pm


I represent Luggage Forward, the industry leader in door to door luggage delivery. You will find that our prices for exemplary luggage delivery are amongst the lowest in the industry, coupled with the highest quality service to ensure your bags are delivered with our domestic on-time guarantees.

To put it into perspective, one bag in our standard weight category (25-50 lbs) is $238 for overnight express service from NY to LA. Our 3 day standard service is $148 for the same bag from NY to LA.

Our international services are also amongst the lowest in the industry. For example, the same standard bag one way to the United Kingdom from the US is $278, and one way to Australia from the US is $304.

For all services we have a dedicated team of talented and experienced individuals who take pride in providing the best quality service for all types of clients, from single travelers to group itineraries, from hotels to cruise deliveries, we are the industry leader.

Best regards,

Sean A
Luggage Forward Inc.

Anand Eswawran August 4, 2010 at 7:02 pm

I have used a few services so far, esp when i do multiple hops on international travel and want my bags to arrive at my destination. Most of them have worked ok – but the last one i used – Luggage Forward – was just horrible in every way i can think of. They promised 6 day delivery – delayed way beyond their commitment, but that i could live with. The worst was – they misclassified the bags, got it stuck in customs in India, and I had to make 2 trips to the airport to clear it with customs officials, pay DHL clearing fees, and finally got my bags 14 days after shipping, and 10 hours and 2 trips at the airport. And instead of trying to ack their goof up – they were extremely rude and very unprofessional

IF you want your bags at your destination with no worries – skip Luggage Forward.

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