Know Your Baggage Weight to Save Money

Weigh your luggage before going to the airport.  You could save yourself some money.

Why?  On domestic flights you’ll owe another fee if the baggage weight exceeds 50 pounds.  The fee is generally $50 or more, which isn’t cheap (See table below).

If removing items to get under weight isn’t an option, then split the contents into two bags.  You’ll usually pay much less to check two regulation sized luggage bags than one overweight one.  For example, by having two bags you’ll get hit with a second checked bag fee, but those have been in the $30 range leaving you paying $20 less then the typical overweight bag fee.

I’m sure you’re like most people and don’t have an industrial scale around the house.  Don’t fret – you can still figure out your baggage weight.  Just jump on your bathroom scale with the bag, and without the bag.  Subtract the two readings, and bam you know the bag weight.

And forget about shipping your bag via the US Postal Service or FedEx to save money.  Checked-bag fees are almost always cheaper.

Domestic Baggage Check Fees, One Way

Domestic Baggage Check Fees, One Way

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