How To Pack A Suitcase

Yes, I know.   You’re an expert business traveler.  You know how to pack a bag, right?  But sometimes we get into bad habits and need a little refresher.  Quickly read this how to pack a suitcase guide, and you might relearn some forgotten packing tricks.

  1. Find out what the weather will be like.  It’s as easy as entering in the destination city at to get a forecast.  Does the weather require you to pack a heavy coat, umbrella, short sleeve collared shirt, sunblock, etc?
  2. Get in the habit of going over your itinerary before you pack.  In other words, if your trip itinerary includes a black tie dinner – don’t forget to pack your tuxedo.  Does your hotel have a great gym?  Then pack gymclothes.  Are you going international?  Then don’t forget your travel plug adapters.
  3. Place on your bed your packing “wish list”.  Gather all the clothes you’d like to bring with you.  That includes a pair of underwear for ever day you’ll be gone (don’t even think about using a pair two days in a row.  gross.  lol.)
  4. Thin the items on your bed.  How are you going to fit all that into your suitcase?  You really don’t want to lug around that much stuff.  So do a mix-and-match test.  If an item doesn’t match anything else, don’t bring it.  Bring clothes and shoes that can be worn multiple times in different combinations.
  5. Prep your liquid toiletries now.  Place them in a 1-quart plastic bag, so you don’t have to scramble for one at the airport.  Put your non-liquid toiletries in your Filson toiletries bag.
  6. Fold your pants in half lengthwise and stack them on top of each other from most wrinkly-prone (on the bottom) to least (on top.  Starting at teh bottom of your pants, roll them together to form a tight cylinder.  Place the roll, seam side down, in your suitcase.  Repeat process with any T-shirts, tanks or sundresses, etc.
  7. Fold and dressy shirts or jackets and lay them flat on top of your rolls.
  8. Stuff your shoes with socks and small accessories like belts, film or batteries.  Place your shoes in a plastic bag and lay them on top.
  9. Roll your underwear and tuck them into any remaining available space, preferable not in your shoes.
  10. Zip your bag tightly, and put it by the door so you don’t forget to put it in your car in your race to the airport!

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