How To Get Into Airline VIP Lounges

Airlines are piling on the extra fees, which stinks.  Good news:  Airlines are spending some of this extra revenue on perks like upgraded airport VIP lounges.  If you’re a business traveler, consider yourself an airline VIP.  If you don’t currently have access to airline VIP lounges, here’s 4 tips to help you gain access.

Buy a Priority Pass

Purchase a Priority Pass for a $400 annual membership fee, and you’ll receive access to approximately 600 airport lounges around the world.  Sweet.  If you travel enough, the annual pass pays off quickly.

Platinum Card

American Express Platinum Card holders get free access to Delta’s Crown Room, Continental’s Presidents’ Club, and the Northwest Airlines’ World Club.  Apply for the Platinum Card now.

American Express

Standard Credit Cards

Some rewards credit cards offer free access to airline lounges.  The club United Mileage Plus Visa lets cardholders into United airport clubs.  Chase has a similar card for Continental.

Buy a Day Pass

Many airlines sell day passes.  The price is different per airline, but expect to pay around $40-$50. Note guests are not included when you purchase a day pass.

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