Future of Airline Business Class Seat Design

The airlines get it; your seat comfort is a critical part of your flight experience. Airlines are investing in the design of the future of airlines seats, especially business class seats. What are some of the future changes potentially on the way?

Aromatherapy Vents

A small vent in future seats that emits a passenger’s chosen scent could be a future reality. An invisible olfactory wall against your neighbors way too strong cheap cologne would be great. Plus smells help set moods. i think I’d choose the sweet, exotic and floral scent of jasmine to help me relax and naturally release tension.

Privacy Walls

Some business class seats already have these, but the right balance between privacy and claustrophobia needs to be struck. Future seat designs will get it right.


Again some business class seats already have these, but they tend to be way too noisy. Plus, it would be nice to be able to incline to any level. A

Seat Width

It’s no surprise that seat widths need to expand to accommodate today’s larger humans. Coach seats today are around 17 to 19 inches. Future upgraded Business Class seats should be in the 22 inch range.

Full 180 Degree Incline

Many airlines claim their seats currently recline to become fully flat, but full really do. So, you end up sliding downward all night. Future Business Class seats will allow for a full, real 180 degree incline.

Seat Storage

Laptop or small bag storage bins under the seat would be easier than getting up to access the overhead bin. Designers know this, and are altering seat designs accordingly.

What new feature would you like to see in future airplane seats? Leave a comment and tell the world.

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