Free Internet Access in Hotel Rooms

Business travelers have been screaming at hotels, “give us free internet wi-fi access!”  I mean c’mon, the cost of providing in-room internet access has dropped drastically in the last few years.  Pass on those savings to your customers already.

Looks like hotels are starting to listen, finally.

Hilton, Marriott, and Starwood insist they won’t change their policy of charging for the internet in their hotel rooms.  But if you stay in those chains enough, or if your business does, you can work to have free wi-fi thrown into your negotiated rate.

Fairmont and Omni hotels will give free internet access to travelers who are part of their hotel loyalty programs.  If you stay at a particular hotel enough, talk to the manager and explain that you’re willing to try the hotel across the street if they won’t negotiate including free internet access.  Usually that does the trick.

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