Travel Emergency Preparedness Kits

An emergency preparedness kit should be strongly considered if you’re traveling to a third-world country for business.  This safety supplies kit won’t take up too much space.  As the saying goes, “better to be safe than sorry.”


SteriPEN:  Clean water is essential to your well-being.  SteriPEN uses UV light to sterilize water, which is more effective than other methods.  Place a SteriPEN in a glass of water, and a minute later you can say goodbye to bacteria, viruses, and protozoa living in the water.

Copies of your Prescriptions:  You never know when your stash of needed prescription pills will be lost or even stolen.  Keep a copy of your prescriptions with you, which will make getting refills significantly easier on the road.

Superglue and Duct Tape:  If you’re a long ways from a hospital, superglue and duct tape can be a lifesaver.  Cuts on extremities like your feet can be super-glued and duct taped after you clean them.  This will help avoid blood loss and exposure to bacteria while you’re on the way to the hospital.

Pain Relievers

Ibuprofen:  It’s more than just a pain-reliever.  Ibuprofen also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for temporary treatment of frostbite.

Narcotic painkillers:  If you’re far from a hospital and have some sort of accident, narcotic painkillers can help the excruciating pain you’re experiencing.  You’ll need a doctor’s prescription to obtain your supply for your travel safety kit.


Pepto-Bismol:  Tablet versions are recommended because they’re lighter than the liquid.  It’s good to be prepared if find yourself the victim of nausea.


Cipro:  Cipro is a good multipurpose antibiotic.  You’ll need a prescription, but your doctor shouldn’t have an issue if you explain what you’re using it for.

Bactrim:  Also needs a prescription.  Bactrim is a good defense against soft tissue infections as well as ear or throat infections.


Diamox:  If you’re traveling to high altitudes, take a long Diamox just to be safe if you’re used to sea-level.  Diamox is used a lot at ski resorts.  Your doctor will need to subscribe.

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