Den Airport Free Internet WiFi Sucks: How to fix

A blog we follow published an excellent “how to” blog post in regards to using the Denver airport free WiFi.  The post gives tips for Mac users on how to avoid the commercials and banner ads that harass the users of the free Denver wifi.

The Denver Airport they has FREE wifi. But there are some issues.

  • In order to get online you have to watch a 20-30 second commercial. Then a button will appear that gets you online.
  • Once you are online you get a bar at the top of your screen that peppers you with ads that refresh every 30 seconds.
  • Your DHCP lease only lasts 20 minutes. So every 20 minutes you have to watch another commercial before you can continue.

While I love  that Denver offeres FREE wifi its annoying when your in the middle of something and have to watch another commercial.   I have actually wasted a hour worth of work writing on a online site and losing all of my data because my session expired.  THAT SUCKS.

read the rest of this blog post here.

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