Check Out Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse at San Francisco Airport

Virgin Atlantic was voted one of the “World’s Ten Best Airport Lounges” by Forbes Magazine in 2009.

And it’s no wonder. Virgin Atlantic spent an astounding $3.2 million on their trendy Clubhouse airport lounge shortly after SFO officially opened their International Terminal. Virgin Atlantic’s sleek Clubhouse at San Francisco International Airport has floor-to-ceiling windows with endless views of the Bay. There are also moving glass panels, mood lighting, and digital art by local SF artists. The Clubhouse exudes a modern tone and vibrant ambiance.

But the relaxing and inviting interior design is just the beginning. The Clubhouse is not the run-of-the-mill airport lounge.

The lounge menu serves delicious food and beverages, where the key word is “Free”. Once inside the Clubhouse guests are provided with a comfortable working space, complimentary wireless Internet, and showers. The Clubhouse features a broad menu and full bar in addition to coffee and juice bars.

The menu of complimentary dishes has included fettuccine pasta with fresh artichokes and almond cream sauce along with fruit parfait for dessert.

Participants in Virgin America’s Elevate program pay an admission fee of $30 to $40, depending on the time of day they enter. Virgin America passengers flying first class have been able to use the Clubhouse for a fee as part of a trial partnership with Virgin Atlantic.

You should definitely check it out if you get the chance. Seriously. Where else can you get work done on your laptop while being waited on hand-and-foot by beautiful servers who bring you delicious free food and unlimited exotic beverages?

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