Calling All Airplane Geeks

If you’re into planes …  no, no – not physically into a plane as you’re on yet another business trip.  I mean “into” planes as in you totally geek out about everything related to the aviation industry … then you need to check out

The Airplane Geeks produce free podcasts that talk about the latest in the airline industry, general aviation, and military aviation.  If it flies, they’re talking about it.  The podcasts could be a great to listen to while on a plane traveling for business.

For example, in their last podcast, the Airplane Geeks interviewed author Jill Routan Hoffman.  Jill is a pilot and author of two aviation books (First Flights: Stories to Inspire From Those Who Fly and Oshkosh Memories: Reflections on the World’s Greatest Fly-In).  She comes from a family of aviation dreamers.   Her father, Dick Rutan, piloted the Voyager aircraft around the world non-stop.   Her uncle, Burt Rutan, designed the Voyager, SpaceShipOne which won the Ansari X-Prize.

The episode before that they interviewed Phil Derner, the founder of NYCAviation, about the sport of airplane spotting.

Check it out!

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