Business Travel Packing Tips

I hate business travel packing.

Deciding what to take and making it all fit gives me a headache.  But, that doesn’t have to be the case.

With some pre-planning and knowledge of packing tips; packing can be quick, efficient, and easy.

Business Travel Packing Tips

Make a Packing List

Take a moment and brainstorm everything you’ll need on the trip.  Write it down on a notepad.  Think through business meetings, dinner or entertainment plans, activities, and on-the-road work needs.

This list accomplishes a few things:  putting it together helps you plan for your trip; the list will be used to double check you’ve packed everything before you leave your house; and it will remind you what you packed in the event of lost luggage.

Use Your Luggage As Travel Item Storage At Home

I got tired of forgetting toiletries.  So I bought a separate travel toiletry bag and toiletries.  I keep the toiletry bag in my luggage at all times.  Even if I “forget” to pack toiletries, they’re already in my bag because that’s where I store them.

Ditto for extra power cords and international voltage converters for my laptop and cell phone.  I even store my passport in my travel luggage.  This also saves you packing time.

Already Provided Travel Accessories?

There’s a good chance the hotel you’re staying at will provide hairdryers, irons, and other similar amenities.  A quick call will confirm the hotel offerings.  This eliminates the need for you to pack these items.

How To Pack Luggage

Packing your bag the right way will lead to: easy item removal; cushioning valuables; and elimination of clothing shirt that leads to wrinkles.

After opening your bag on a smooth surface, place shoes, toiletries and other heavy objects in the bottom of the case opposite the handle. Wrinkle-free items such as jeans, T-shirts, lingerie and sweaters can be rolled to cushion heavier items.

Next, add suits, slacks and dresses. Start with the heaviest clothing first and leave the ends of the clothing hanging over alternate sides, folding one garment over the other to simplify packing.  A jacket’s collar should be at the hinge of the case to allow the width of the shoulders to remain smooth.  Then, button the jacket and fold the sleeves over the front.  Each item should be placed one atop the other by alternating edges so the case is fitted evenly and smoothly. Zip trousers closed and fold along natural creases.

Plan to use the wide side of the case for wide-shouldered clothing and wide skirts. The narrow direction of the case should be used for slacks and narrow items. Then, fold the clothing beginning with the item second from the top and working to the bottom, always smoothing the wrinkles while folding. When all the ends are folded into the suitcase, the entire ensemble will be interwoven and can be removed together. Its removal does not disturb the entire ensemble.

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