Business Travel Cost Cutting Ideas Checklist

In these tight economic times, it’s prudent to take a minute to think about business travel costs.  Everyone’s business travel budget could use some help.  Help yours by reviewing this reminder business travel cost cutting ideas checklist:

  • Book airlines and hotels in advance.  You can save up to 70% on a airfare alone by booking at least two weeks in advance instead of the last minute.
  • Stay in the right hotel.  Most business travelers are in the habit of buying too much hotel.  Will you really use all the amenities of a luxury or full-service hotel?  If you just need a good nights sleep and a shower, try lower priced hotel options like a Marriott Courtyard or the Hampton Inn.  They’re cheaper than a full-service Marriott or Hilton, respectively.
  • Don’t check your bags if possible.  Pack lightly and carry your bag onto the plane with you.  This will help you avoid costly new checked-bag fees that are popping up at seemingly every airline.  You will also save time by not having to wait at the baggage arrival carousel.  And who knows, maybe you will avoid a lost bag nightmare.
  • Know the most efficient and economical way to travel locally.  In some locations, a rental car can save you a lot of money in car service or cab fare.  Surprisingly, public transportation is the fastest and cheapest way to get around in some locations like New York City and a lot of European cities.  Figure out how often you’ll need transportation (only from the airport to the hotel and back, or multiple stops?) on your trip, and then do a little research as to what is the cheapest alternative to meet your needs in the city you’re visiting.
  • Make a pit stop at a local convenience store.  Hotel mini-bars are expensive as are hotel bars and stores.  Stop at a convenience store and buy your incidental needs, and save a surprising amount of cash.
  • Eat well, but not trendy.  Every city has that trendy, hot restaurant.  You know, the really expensive one.  But you can get just as good of a meal, if not better, by eating at a local affordable favorite.  Check Zagats.  Or ask the locals, they’d love to point you in the right direction.

What additional cost cutting ideas have worked for you?  If you have a good one, please leave a comment and share.

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