Best Chinese restaurants for a Business Lunch

Chinese restaurants have always been a favorite for business lunches and casual work meetings. But as it’s one of the most popular cuisines around the world, you want to make sure you pick your restaurant wisely, so you avoid taking important clients to the McDonald’s eqivalent of China Town.  If you really want to impress, here are some of the top local Chinese restaurants in major cities around the world.

London – Ping Pong

In a picturesque location right near the River Thames, what better way to keep business talk relaxed, than looking out at waterside views. Ping Pong is sophisticated yet reasonably priced, and offers dim sum made with only the freshest ingredients. The quality is hard not to recognise. There’s also a bar with a range of great cocktails in case you’re thirsty after all that negotiating.

Tower Bridge House, St Katharine Docks, City of London, London, E1W 1BA

Paris – Tang

Parisians may not be very well know for their friendly temperament, but that surely isn’t the case at Tang, where the staff have a reputation of being overly welcoming and attentive. An interesting point about Tang, is that the menu can be negotiated, so to speak. You can suggest changes to dishes on the menu to better suit your taste, and the chef will make it up for you. If you’re not feeling that creative then you can take advantage of the set menu, but if you can try to make sure it includes the Peking Duck or Gilled Fish as they’re said to be some of the highlights. Tang is open for lunch and dinner, but make sure you make a reservation.

125,rue de la Tour, Paris, France

New York – Chin Chin

With a more distinguished setting and menu, Chin Chin has the perfect atmosphere for a sophisticated meal. There isn’t the hustle and bustle that many Chinese restaurants may display, which is probably why the main clientèle is of the business variety. When it comes to food, the stand-outs are the entrées, with the lobster roll and thousand-year-old egg being highly recommended. If you want to save money then take advantage of the fixed-price lunch menu, which at 27,08 USD is hard to beat.

216 E. 49th St. ,New York, NY10017

Sydney – China Doll

If you’re lucky enough to get to visit Sydney in the name of business, then make the most of the Harbour and waterside cityscape. China Doll is a high-class Chinese restaurant right on the historic Wooloomooloo Wharf, alongside a small strip of some of the city’s finest restaurants. The Chinese cuisine is focused mainly around fresh seafood dishes – chilli salt squid, ocean trout and freshly shucked oysters. If this doesn’t sound indulgent enough, then go one step further by ordering an Asian inspired cocktail. Who would’ve thought a business lunch could be this bliss.

Woolloomooloo Wharf, 6 Cowper Wharf Road


Best Chinese restaurants in the world for a Business Lunch

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