Bad Airline Business/First Class Seats

Business or first class tickets are expensive. Business travelers expect to get their, or their companies, monies worth.

According to a Zagat survey, there’s some airlines out there that aren’t worth paying the extra money to get a first class ticket. What airlines has Zagat identified as the worst business class sections?

It appears that U.S. Airways and United make the top of the “worst” list for American carriers.  This isn’t surprising as US Airways isn’t exactly known for having good customer service.

Note: Zagat describes a 0-9 rating as “poor-to-fair”; 10-15 as “fair-to-good”; 16-19 as “good-to-very good”; 20-25 as “very good-to-excellent”; and 26-30 as “excellent to perfect”.

#10 Worst Business Class Sections – United Airlines

Overall rating:  19.24

Travelers complain about narrow beds, lack of storage space, and not enough privacy.  Apparently they don’t like the foot either as it only rates a 17.04.

#4 Worst Business Class Sections – US Airways

Overall rating:  16.64

No surprise here – passengers complain about the poor service by the flight crew, and not enough of the “just ok” food.  Plus, a major compliant is that First Class does not give access to the lounge.  Even worst, there aren’t free drink options.  A small glass of wine costs $1.

China Eastern Airlines was rated the worst overall at 14.42.

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