4 Tips For Lowering Business Travel Stress

It seems like everything causes stress while traveling for business: demanding clients; strange hotel beds; plane problems; weather delays … the list is seemingly endless.

Here’s 4 simple tips or reminders that can help you lower that stress during your next business trip:

1.  Don’t Over-pack

You should be able to fit everything you need for a standard business trip into a carry-on bag.  I love carry-on bags.  Why?  Because they allow me to avoid the dreaded checked luggage carousel that can easily add a half an hour minimum to the end of a flight.  Your time is valuable – get and use a good carry-on bag.

2.  Check in Online

Check-in lines are for rookie travelers, not savvy business travelers such as yourself.  The recent addition of check-in kiosks are great, but you can do one better.  Most airlines allow you to print your boarding pass at home.  Do it, and save yourself time and miss the aggravation of long check-in lines.

3.  Fly Direct, and Early in the Day

Direct flights eliminate the possibility of missing a connection that could ruin a day’s plans.  An early morning flight is ideal as it gives extra time and opportunity to rebook if there’s some sort of delay or cancellation.

4. Dress Smartly

Dressing smartly is more than just looking good, which you’ll want to do just in case your flight is delayed and you need to go directly to a client meeting.  It’s using your airport knowledge to avoid security check delays.  Don’t wear shoes or any other clothing with metal parts.  Keep room in your carry-on to dump any contents of your pockets in while waiting in the security line.  Wear slip-on dress shoes rather than lace-ups.

Look, you know business travel can be stressful.  But by following the 4 tips above, you’ll help reduce your stress level – and every bit counts.  And above all, realize there are things that are simply out of your control.  Don’t let these get to you; it’s not worth it.

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