10 Items to Make Your Business Trip Less Stressful

Business trips can be major stress inducers.  We all know that.  Here is a quick list of 10 items that can make your business trip easier.

1 – Bring disposable reading material

We all don’t have Kindles yet, and that may be a good thing with the new Apple iPad coming out.  Regardless, you probably still have a pile of magazines and papers that you want to read but just haven’t found the time for.  Here’s an easy solution.  Pack enough reading material for your trip in a place that’s easy to access.  When you’re in line, or on the airplane and can’t have your laptop out – grab some reading material.  Doesn’t it feel great to be productive.  Plus the added bonus is your stress level will go down as you have something to occupy you during business travel down times.  When you’re done, toss the magazine, which will free up some space for items you need to bring back from your trip.

2- Bring Plug Adapter & Voltage Converters

Get a universal plug adapter if you’re traveling internationally.  You need a way to power up your gear, and having your gadgets go dead can be a big cause of stress.  Find other important laptop parts here.

3- Bring a Travel Pillow with you

Can’t sleep on planes?  Well maybe it’s because you can’t get comfortable.  Try a travel pillow, and arrive refreshed.

4 – Pack a mini-travel emergency preparedness kit

Obviously you need to bring your medications with you.  But what about other medications?  You never know when a cold is going to it, or other maladies.  Just a little travel emergency preparedness kit, and save yourself the midnight run to a pharmacy in a city you’re not used to.

5- Get a Portable GPS

Having a portable GPS device can save you considerable amounts of time traveling to your hotel, business meetings, and airport.

6 – Use a Flash drive

Back-up your important documents on a little USB drive like this one that fits in your wallet .  Pack the USB separately from your laptop.  This way, if your laptop gets stolen or even breaks, you still have access to the important documents you need for yor trip.

7 – Find the right laptop bag for you

Buy a laptop bag that suites your business travel style.  Carry a lot of gadgets?  Try a bag like the Cocoon GRID-IT organizer bag.

8 – Use the right Carry-on Luggage

Get yourself a great carry-on bag.  This will save you time from checking bags on short trips, and just make business travel life better all the way around.

9 – Bring headphones, preferably noise-cancellation headphones

The last thing you need on a plane is to hear the baby in the seat behind you scream.  Even the regular drown of an aircraft in flight can be annoying when you just need to concentrate or sleep.  Get noise cancellation headphones or noise cancelling earbuds.

10 – Use a Smart phone protector

You know you’re going to jam your iPhone into your bag at some point.  Hopefully not too hard, as those screens break so easily.  And boy are they expensive to fix.  Get a skin that protects your smart phone screen.  Its worth it.

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AVA June 23, 2010 at 7:49 am

Hi, Thanks for your very useful tips. I am going for cruise vacation. This is my first cruise shore excursion. I’ll add these tips to my checklist.

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