Discover Snowy Japan – The Best Skiing Adventures Just Outside Tokyo

So you have already visited Tokyo and its famous Tsukiji Fish Market, Imperial Palace, National Museum and many beautiful shrines and temples. Perhaps you have even watched a Sumo wrestling match or dined at a trendy restaurant in the Ebisu neighbourhood. Why not discover the beautiful of the Japanese landscape in the wintertime and check out some of the excellent skiing spots just outside of Tokyo?

Tokyo is commonly used as a gateway to some of the skiing resorts in the area, as it is easy to find flights to this major city. Once you have enjoyed all of the attractions that the city has to offer, you can hop on a speedy bullet train and you will find yourself in a winter wonderland in no time at all.

Japan’s Excellent Ski Resorts – Only a Short Trip from Tokyo

The small country of Japan has a surprisingly high number of excellent ski resorts to choose from, with a great many of them within a short trip from the capital city of Tokyo. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Nozawa Onsen

This lovely and picturesque mountain village is blanketed in fluffy snow for the entire winter season. Along with the excellent ski hills, the resort also has several “Onsen” which are the traditional Japanese thermal baths. There is nothing more soothing than soaking your stiff arms and legs in steaming hot water after a big day of rocketing down the slopes. This ski area is only a 90 minute train ride and a 70 minute bus ride from Tokyo.


This is actually a three-in-one resort which includes the areas of Tashiro, Mitsumata and Kagura. It has a laid back and quiet atmosphere and over 45% of its runs are suitable for beginners, which makes it a perfect place to practice if you are new to skiing or snowboarding.

The resort also offers heli-skiing tours in mid April, for those who want to venture up into some of the remote back-country runs. Kagura is located a 90 minute train ride and a 25 minute bus ride away from Tokyo.


This is a new and glitzy purpose-built ski resort which will dazzle you with its modern style. It offers not just ski runs but also a glamorous hotel, restaurants, karaoke, a spa, various shops and much more.

Naeba recently received an award for being the “Best Ski Resort in Japan” and is located a 90 minute train ride and 40 minute bus ride from Tokyo.

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Best Skiing Adventure Trips Close to Tokyo| Nozawa Onsen, Kagura, Naeba

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