Broome, Australia, Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Tucked into an ocean alcove on Australia’s northwestern side,  Broome is a traveler’s delight. Whether you explore by car or by camel, moving through these vast shores will take your breath away (certainly, the camel will).

Touring caravans are common sights along the beaches, as are outcroppings of unusual rock formations, flocks of seabirds, and sun worshippers (bluffs, buff, and all). Clean, clear, pristine waters lap at a priceless piece of Mother Earth that seems unaffected by the sands of time.

Take me koala back, Jack… highways are calling me name. Rent yourself a car and give in to your wanderlust; you’ll be far more comfortable than in a camel saddle. And while the car needs occasional fueling, it never has an attitude. Besides, you can go where you please with a car hire, but a camel—who knows what’s on its mind?

All sorts of accommodations are available in Broome—from the ordinary to the unusual, from villas, to chalets and hotels. The peace and serenity of this uncrowded paradise will lull you into forgetting that you ever had a day job. The Indian Ocean will lap at your feet and pull at your toes, inviting you to stay longer. The lush vegetation will surprise you, as an oasis in the desert, and you really can ride in a camel caravan—after your car hire has delivered you comfortably to this tropical clime.

Play your didgeridoo, Blue… driving out to the shore. Wind in your hair, sun on your face, red rocky cliffs, and turquoise lagoons… Play your didgeridoo.

You have places to go in Broome! Bring your swimwear and sunglasses; bring a jacket for enchanting desert nights. This world is far away from everything else that you’ve known. An easy car hire will give you a tour that only you know how to select.

You can enjoy your favorite water sports, backpacking across the heavenly horizon, fishing, beachcombing, photography, bird watching, or just doing nothing! Name your peace.

Broome is so very unordinary that you will immediately be aware of that. The sea and sky are screaming “clean!” You can breathe here, free of smog and sprawl. Broome’s atmosphere gives the sky a deeper shade of blue than most other places in the world. The red sand and outcroppings of rock, in contrast with the sky, add colors that you will want to paint.

Vegetation suited to this desert climate is fascinating, and areas receiving special care are evident. Tie me kangaroo down to a coconut palm right by the sea.

Migratory shorebirds and waders have international protection here, feeding in the mudflats and roosting on the red sand beaches. Other birds include colorful finches and scavenging raptors. Colonies of flying fox megabats live in the mangroves, chattering loudly at dusk.

Offshore are island reefs where turtles, whales, and dolphins keep company. You can charter a boat to go upriver or to explore reefs and islands (beware the saltwater crocks). What’s more, Broome’s famous mudflats are home to countless colorful invertebrates such as sea squirts, starfish, sea urchins, pink sea cucumbers, and blue and purple sea slugs.

Tie me kangaroo down, Sport—Broome is calling me name.


Broome, a travelers delight| things to do in Broome Australia

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