iPhone Applications Help You Stay In-Shape While Traveling

Business travel can create havoc on your fitness regime.  By using modern technology, namely your Apple iPhone plus a fitness application, it’s possible to make exercise on the road manageable.

There’s almost 2,ooo iPhone fitness applications.  Here’s four that are great for business travelers:

Trailguru (free)

If you’re a serious runner, you most likely track running, hiking, or biking routes to track distance traveled, speed, elevation change, and time elapsed.  On your home turf, you may have a favorite route that you know like the back of your hand.  But while on business travel, accurate Google Earth maps that trace your route can be quite handy.

Trailguru also has a upload feature where you can store your workouts on trailguru.com.

Sixpack App ($0.99)

You don’t need your home trainer to complete a great road workout.  Just refer to Sixpack Application, which has pictures showing how to complete more than 100 exercises with proper form.  Text instructions, and details of why the exercise is important is also included.

THI Personal Trainer ($0.99)

Get this app if you’re a hockey fan, or a fan for overall fitness programs.  Carolina Hurricanes trainers compiled a set of professional workouts easily laid out according to muscle groups.  Helpful videos are also included.

FitnessBuilder ($9.99)

This is the “be-all-end-all” trainers iphone application.  400 different pre-programmed work-outs are within the application, including how-to videos.  Yoga and other non-traditional cardio programs are included, so it’s not just weightlifting.

Are there any other iPhone fitness application you’ve found helpful during your business travels?

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