Introducing FunnelScope: Travel Search Social Utility

Save Time Using FunnelScope – A New Travel Search Social Utility.

So you’re traveling to a city you’re not familiar with. How do you find a hotel that fits your needs? Most likely you search the internet or call up friends that know the area.

Both options are time consuming.

Going through all the search engine content out there such as user reviews is a full-time job.  Sure Google or Bing give you a lot of information, probably too much, but who has time to make sense of it all?

I know I don’t.

You don’t have to any more – if you use Travel Search Engine – FunnelScope to quickly find that perfect hotel that is.

FunnelScope is a brand new travel search site I recently discovered. I love it.

FunnelScope allows you to choose what matters to you in your hotel choice (pet friendly, family friendly, overall value, prime location, etc.). FunnelScope will then go out and collect all the reviews for you and score them versus your need. FunnelScope will present you with a list of hotels rank ordered based on your need.

Bam, you just found the perfect hotel! And you saved yourself a lot of time.

But why only rely on reviews from people you don’t know?

FunnelScope makes it easy to get input from your friends. Simply log in to Twitter from FunnelScope, and a tweet will go out to get personalized input from your existing social network. It looks like a Facebook application is also under development.

You can’t beat that. In just minutes you’ve found an ideal hotel and queried your friends for additional input.

Go try FunnelScope NOW! Seriously, it’s pretty cool.

Now that you’ve tried it, leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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