11 Travel iPad Applications

I think the iPad is revolutionary for business travel.  The iPad is lighter than a laptop, cheaper and is great for killing downtime on a plane or train.

Of course the Apple iPad is also “open for business”.  Especially business on the move.   The Apple iPad is a great bundle of mobile computing and can often serve as a better travel mate for those shorter business trips than its older sibling, the laptop.  Travel apps can help you make the Apple iPad work for you.

There’s already plenty of travel iPad applications available.  Check out these 11 travel iPad applications that I like, and use that iPad like it’s supposed to be used:

1.  1000 Ultimate Experiences – Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd.  Tons of beautiful photos and travel ideas.

2.  Loopt Pulse.  Helps you figure out what to do in a place you’re not familiar.  Shows some real-time activities.

3.  FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata – Ben Kazez.  The same application may already be working on your iPhone.  If so, you don’t have to purchase again.

4.  World Atlas HD – National Geographic Society.  It won’t do you much good when you’re actually on the road, but as far as gaining access to a huge amount of maps, this is the application.

5.  WeatherBug Elite for iPad – WeatherBug.  The built-in weather application that the iPad should have come with.

6. New York Street Map.  Or Paris Street Map, etc.  The iPad’s built-in maps are great, but if you lose your signal you’re in trouble.  Get these maps as backup.

7.  Truphone for iPad – Truphone.  Use this application to turn your iPad into a VoIP phone.  Dealing with international pay phones and calling cards is a big hassle.

8. Brushes – iPad Edition – Steve Sprang.  Turns your iPad into a virtual canvas.  It’s a great application.  Professional enough that illustrations made with “Brushes” have made New Yorker covers already.

9. Flight Control HD – Firemint Pty Ltd.  This won’t help your productivity any, but it sure will keep you entertained.  Kind of ironic to control an airport control tower while you’re at the airport.

10.  iBooks – Apple Inc..  Buy travel guidebooks or foreign language dictionaries.  Plus load other books into your iPad so you don’t have to lug those around either.

11.  Netflix – Netflix, Inc..  Watch a movie or TV show on your iPad while you’re killing time at the airport.  Nice.

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Lindsay D. January 31, 2012 at 2:06 am

A very helpful post. I’ll definitely check some of the apps mentioned in here. I wonder why a currency converter is not included in the list though? I think every traveler should have such app, especially for keeping track of exchange rates and knowing how far your money can go while abroad.

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