Working On Planes Now Harder – More New TSA Airplane Rules

You knew it was just a matter of time before TSA rules became even tighter post the terrorist attempt on the Northwest Airlines flight.

Well that was fast.  The Transportation Security Administration made some changes the day after the attempt.

  • No getting up out of your seat for the last hour of the flight, or having any items on your lap.
  • You also won’t be allowed to get into your carry-on bag in the overhead bin the last hour of the flight.
  • Extra passenger pat-downs before boarding.
  • More bomb-sniffing dogs in the airport.
  • Only one carry-on bag per person allowed.

Working on planes will now be more difficult thanks to these new TSA flight rules.

The TSA doesn’t appear to have made an official statement yet on the new measures.  But a Dutch Counter terrorism expert did make a statement.

“The extra measures apply worldwide on all flights to the U.S. as of now and for an indefinite period,” said Judith Sluiter, spokeswoman for the Dutch National Coordinator for Counter terrorism.

Tips for the business traveler in light of the new security rules:

– Get to the airport earlier to make sure you don’t miss your flight.  The extra security measures will make it longer to get through the security lines.

– Don’t plan on getting any work done on your flight, especially short flights.  Consider it a bonus if you’re able to get any of your work done while in the air instead of banking on that time as being productive.

– Consider other alternatives to flying in the short term.  If you don’t have to make the business trip, you may not want to.  The TSA processes get more stream-lined and efficient over time.  But initially they seem to be stress inducing and take a lot of time.  Maybe the best bet is to avoid the airport hassle for now.

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