Travelocity Makes Hotel Price Guarantee Better

Orbitz and Expedia certainly didn’t want to hear this:

Travelocity has made its hotel price guarantee even better.  Travelocity is also reducing hotel booking fees.

That’s a big blow off the bow of Travelocity’s online travel booking competitors.

Details on the changes –

Stronger Price Guarantee

With the exception of name-your-own-prices, Travelocity will now guarantee business travelers that they have the lowest room rates on the internet to the point of check-in.

If you booked with Travelocity, and find a lower hotel rate, you’ll receive a refund post contacting Travelocity.  A $50 discount towards our next travel purchase will also be thrown in through December 31, 2009.

Hotel Booking Fee Reductions

Travelocity will either drop or lower hotel booking fees.  So, the cancellation fees for hotel rooms and vacation packages will go down or go away.

As a busy business traveler, do you ever actually look to see if the price of the hotel you already booked went down?  Let us know.  Please comment.

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