Train Business Travel: Amtrak Introducing Wi-Fi Service

Business travel via train will never work across the country or long distances.  But if you’re traveling short distances like the eastern coast, train business travel is becoming more of an option.

I think we’re all tired of the long TSA lines, body scanners, pat-downs, and airlines charging us for everything they can imagine.

Longer airport TSA lines actually make trains a real option as you can avoid the check-in time and just hop on the train.  Sure the actual in-transit time is longer, but if the commute time is shorter to the train station, and check-in time is also shorter – trains start to make sense really quickly.

Train Wi-Fi service will help trains gain even more business travelers.

Amtrak in the U.S. is following the lead of train operators in Europe; they’ve launched limited wi-fi service.

Here’s one business traveler that hope the wi-fi service is fast & reliable.  If it is, Amtrak may see even more growth on their Northeast routs, where Amtrak is already grown to 50% of the NY-Boston passenger travel market.  They also now have 61% of the NY-DC passenger travel market as well.  The NY-DC and NY-Boston routes are where Amtrak has chosen to introduce Wi-Fi on Acela Express trains.

Currently on the train you don’t have to turn your cell phone off.  Now you won’t have to turn-off your laptop internet browser now either.

Again, if the wi-fi internet is reliable, this should be a big win for both business travelers and for Amtrak.

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