Get Points For Your Independent Hotel Stay

Do you have a hard time choosing between getting hotel loyalty points vs. staying at a favorite independant hotel?  If so, you may not have to choose much longer.

Independent hotel owners are starting to sign-up with hotel chains.

The independent hotels gain the marketing clout of the big chains, which helps drive more customers to their rooms.  The hotel chains get a new revenue source and help with their brand image.  Customers get access to those favorite hip, historical, resort,or boutique hotels without giving up their hotel loyalty points.  Sounds like a win all the way around.

Hilton Hotels started the trend with its “Waldorf Astoria Collection“, which is up to 21 hotels.  You can get Hilton points by staying at the Arizona Biltmore and Maui Grand Wailea.

Choice Hotels International followed along in 2008 by beginning to sign-up independent hotels.  Choice currently has 26 hotels in its “Ascend Collection“.

Marriott, not to be outdone, announced it’s version of marketed independent hotels last week.  You guessed it, “Collection” is in the name.  In this case, “The Autograph Collection”, which may help Marriott fill holes in its hotel offerings without having to build in this economic environment.

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