Free WiFi From Skype Access

So this is cool – Free WiFi From Skype Access this weekend.

Skype will give away free WiFi access in 100,000 + locations across the globe on March 20-21, 2010.  All that’s needed is a connection to a Skype Access Hotspot and the latest version of Skype (Windows 4.2 or Mac 2.8) which can be downloaded from

Skype is doing the promotion to gain additional awareness for it’s new Skype Access product.  And, I guess it’s working as we’re mentioning the product on this blog right now.

Skype Access lets you pay for WiFi access per minute using Skype Credit so you can surf the internet, email, and make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls during your business travel.

To clarify, the free promotion is from 00.00 GMT on Saturday March 20 to 23.59 GMT on Sunday March 21 anywhere in the world.

I wish they’d give the promotion details in EST.  I mean, c’mon, everyone knows NYC is the center of the world after all.  😉

For a full list or Skype locations, click here.

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