Free Facebook on Airplanes in February

How do I “like” button this promotion?

So this certainly isn’t going to help with your productivity while flying this month.  At least for those of you that still have friends in-spite of your grueling business travel schedule.

Facebook will be available on flights for free starting today.

It looks like Gogo, one of the businesses that provides Wi-Fi on airplanes, is trying to drum up some product awareness.  Less than 10% of airline passengers pay to hook-up to the internet.  Gogo would like that number to be higher obviously.  It also looks like the Google holiday promotion of free internet on Virgin planes worked, and they’re trying out some more promotions.

Free Facebook is available on Delta, AirTran, US Airways, American Airlines, Alaska, and Virgin America for the month of February.  Usaually the cost is $4.95 for Gogo for a short flight and $12.95 for a longer one.

Maybe they figure that even though Facebook is the most visited site via the Gogo network, they can get people to actually pay when they have their computers are out.  Normal browsing habits will take over and folks will want to do more than just poke their Facebook friend.

So this month you don’t have to worry about that expense account line item for Gogo.  You know, paying for internet on the plane to “get work done” and then spending all flight on Facebook.

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