Delta Making It Easier to Keep Frequent Flier Status

Roll over frequent flier miles?  I thought only the cell phone companies did that with phone minutes?

Well, it’s not quite as good as cell phone minutes rollover.  You won’t be able to keep your Delta Skymiles if you don’t travel over time periods specified in the Skymiles agreement.

What Delta is doing is making it easier for you to keep your silver, gold, or platinum frequent flier status.  How?  Delta will soon allow customers to retain any medallion qualification miles above a medallion threshold at the end of the year.  This will make it easier for you to keep your status or move to a higher status the following year.

In other words, if you earned 55,000 miles towards a status in one year, but you only needed 50,000 for that level you can use the extra 5,000 towards earning the status the following year.

Will this change make you fly Delta more or less frequently when you have a choice?

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