Delta Airlines Is Given an F by Business Travelers for High Bag Fees

Delta Airlines received the lowest grade, an F, in the business travel survey American Customer Satisfaction Index released last week.  Delta’s average score was 56 out of 100, which is 10 percent lower than their score last year.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index measures consumer satisfaction with various products and services, and this time it focused on U.S. travelers during the first quarter of 2011.

Why are business travelers not happy with Delta?  The survey authors point to discontent related to airline mergers, increased fees for baggage and other services, and rising ticket prices that have resulted from higher jet fuel costs.  Delta Air Lines acquired Northwest Airlines in 2008.

Delta charges its customers more baggage fees than any other airline according to the survey.  There’s a way to get around the bag fees.  Here’s a tip:

Get a Delta American Express credit card.

Basic Cardmembers with a Gold, Platinum, or Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express may check their first bag for free on all Delta and Delta Connection flights.  The benefit applies to up to 9 people traveling in the eligible Cardmember’s reservation.

A spokesman for Delta told the the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it has improved its on-time performance and completion rate, a measure of how many bags reach the right destinations on time. Those actions, taken in recent weeks, were not reflected in the survey, which took place earlier this year.

“Delta is focused on building a better experience for customers,” spokesman Eric Torbenson told the newspaper.

Claes Fornell, the founder of the index, which this year surveyed 2,250 hotel guests and 1,750 airline passengers, says the discounts and perks haven’t made guests more loyal.

“Price-induced satisfaction tends to make people shop around for the best deal rather than promote loyalty,” Fornell told USA Today.
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Delta Airlines Is Given an F by Business Travelers| Bag Fees too High

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