Coming Soon: No TSA Lines for Business Travelers

Maybe I should have started the title with “maybe”, “hopefully”, or even “ya, right”. Regardless, the recent TSA news about testing a new process to screen frequent travelers (e.g., business travelers) more quickly is great news.

One that all business travelers hope comes to fruition … but realize may never become a full reality.

The TSA recently shared plans for the program with airline executives. At a high-level, the plan is to let pre-screened frequent airline passengers bypass regular airport security checkpoints. Frequent business travelers will have their own, faster screening process. So, there still will be some-sort of screening.

I like that this plan isn’t a paper giant only. There are already steps towards testing it this fall in four airports: Atlanta, Miami, Detroit and Dallas.

There aren’t set plans in place to expand beyond the four test airports as of now. Most likely, expansion will depend on how the test performs.

There also hasn’t been details shared on how to qualify and be included in the new test. My guess is the airlines will nominate their frequent flyers who travel regularly to the mentioned test airports. So get your Delta and American Airlines frequent flyer program information and details up-to-date.

Most likely you’ll also have to supply additional information in your flyer profile to be included. What information is not known at this time.

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Gate Automation October 19, 2011 at 2:17 pm

I hope we see some improvement, I travel quite a lot and it’s becoming a painful business

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