Cincinnati Business Travelers Can’t Catch a Break

If you’re based in Cincinnati and have to fly for business often, you get lots of sympathy from Business Travel Connection.

Cincinnati International Airport has some of the highest domestic fares. Unfortunately, Cincinnati also had the worst decline in passenger traffic via U.S. airlines in 2009 according to the Department of Transportation. The 22% year over year drop is significant.

This decline in traffic has made matters worse as falling passengers to/from Cincinnati has caused Delta Airlines to cut flights. OAG Aviation Solutions has estimated the number of seats Delta has scheduled to fly in March 2010 is 32% less than March 2009.

Ouch.  Again, sympathies to Cincinnati based business travelers.  And, if you’re considering Cincinnati as your new home base, you may want to look into the airport situation closely before committing to a move.

Cincinnati Business Travelers Can’t Catch a Break

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