Cheap Companies That Don’t Cover All Business Travel Expenses

Wow, there are some cheap companies out there.

Businesses send employees on trips all the time to drum up additional business. It’s pretty standard, or so I thought, to cover all the expenses with said travel. Apparently I was wrong.

9% of companies don’t cover the cost of airline checked bag fees. So let me get this right, you have to go on a trip for work, and need to pack to prepare for the trip. But, if you have to check your bag, you have to pay for that out of your own pocket? Yep, I wouldn’t work for that cheap company for long.

16% don’t pay for internet access on the road. So I’m guessing you want your employees to check their email, etc. while traveling. I guess you expect them to camp out at Starbucks or similar, when they could be more productive other places.

Only 50% of companies cover in-flight meals. Hopefully these cheap companies at least cover meals for their employees while they’re on the road.

Where is this data coming from? A survey of 651 travel managers in the U.S. and Canada was conducted by the GBTA Foundation, the research arm of the Global Business Travel Assn., a worldwide trade group for travel managers.

The survey also said that only 3% said they would cover in-flight entertainment charges. That’s totally fair. 10% said they would allow travelers to charge their employers to upgrade seating on domestic flights, which is nice.

As for hotel charges, 89% of travel managers said they would reimburse parking costs and 84% said they would pick up the tab for Internet access, whereas 9% said they would pay for goodies from in-room mini bars, and 4% said they would reimburse for the costs of in-room movies and other entertainment, the survey found.

What business travel expenses does your employer not cover that just make your blood boil? Leave a comment and tell us …

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