Carry On Bag Fees Not In Plans For Other Airlines

So how long before Spirit Airlines backs down and removes their ludicrous carry-on bag fee?  I’m guessing a quarter, maybe two.  And when they do, they’ll make up some far fetched story that they removed the fee based on customer feedback that was different than their initial customer research when the instituted the fee.  Regardless, just get rid of the fee Spirit.  You knuckleheads.

Why am I so confident Spirit Airlines will eventually back down?  Well, US Senators went after the airline with threats of new airline taxes.  Then, 5 of the big airlines announced that they will not follow the lead of Spirit Airlines and charge for carry-on bags.  Delta, American, United, US Airways, and JetBlue all said they feared the customer backlash of imposing a similar carry on bag fee.

I’m sure the big airlines also feared the U.S. Senators and their tax plans as well.  Extra fees charged to customers of US airlines totaled $1.9 Billion in just the 3rd quarter of 2009.  That’s a lot of revenue, and I’m sure the airlines doesn’t want Uncle Sam taking a bigger bite of the pie.

Kudos to all you business travelers out there who made a stink about Spirit’s crazy carry-on bag fees.  Looks like the Senators heard you, as well as the heads of other airlines.

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Gatwick parking June 14, 2010 at 5:50 am

In the UK Ryanair is raising its luggage charges for the summer months it is just another stealth tax on suffereing customers

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