Business Travel is Unhealthy – No Shit

Some genius public health scientists at Columbia University have concluded that business travel is bad for your health.

No shit.

The scientists studied the health data of 13,000+ employees via corporate wellness program data.  The study was published in the April 2011 Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

I sure hope government money wasn’t used on this study of the obvious.

Business travel can be hell on the body (maybe if the scientists actually traveled for business they’d know this):

– It can be tough to eat healthy on the road with food choices sometimes limited.  Plus, who wants fruit and veggies when you can have a juicy thick steak on the company’s dime?

– Alcohol is part and partial to many business travel related meetings.  A beer at a relaxed pub can be a great way to build relationships.  Wine at dinner is standard.

– Weird travel schedules and delays can make gym time hard to keep, especially as hotel gyms can close early (assuming their is a hotel gym, which isn’t always the case).  Plus, business travelers don’t always feel safe jogging in areas they aren’t familiar with.

– Some hotel beds are just hard to get to used to, which leads to less sleep.

– Long plane rides and seemingly even longer business meetings don’t exactly get the blood pumping.

– Business travel as well as corporate goals can lead to high stress levels.

So what do the researchers suggest?  Besides the obvious (eat healthy – duh, and book a hotel with a gym – duh), they suggest companies should offer stress management classes.  LOL.  When will business travelers have time to attend those?  Typical theoretically collegiate response to real life.

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