BA Cabin Crew Strike

Hopefully you don’t have plans to fly on British Airways this week.  If you haven’t heard the news, BA’s cabin crew is on strike.  The BA cabin crews walked off the job on Saturday March 20th and Sunday March 21st.

BA canceled and delayed hundreds of flights over the weekend. Some travelers were stuck in Heathrow airport.

The good news for business travelers is that almost half of cabin crew members ignored the strike call and reported to work.   Based on this fact, BA was able to restore roughly a dozen flights that had been previously canceled.

The cabin crew union was planning another walk-out, this time for four days, starting March 27th.  If labor issues haven’t been resolved by then, the union plans even more walk-outs after April 14th.  However, the union has promised not to walk out over the busy Easter holiday.

Bottom line – if you have business travel plans with BA, double check your flight status with the airline.

BA Cabin Crew Strike

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