American Airlines and Jetblue Jump in Bed Together

American Airlines and Jetblue jumped in bed together.  But don’t get too excited.  It’s just some heavy petting.  But, you know where heavy petting often leads …

JetBlue passengers can now connect in Boston and JFK with American Airlines international flights with one ticket.

This is the first time JetBlue and American have “hooked-up”.  It will probably make other airlines jealous in the competitive international travel space.

American will even start to sell some JetBlue tickets on it’s website starting in second quarter.  JetBlue will reciprocate sometime in the future as well.

The airlines swapped some slot pairs as part of the deal.   American receives 12 slots at JFK.  JetBlue gets 8 slots at Ronald Reagan Airport in DC and an additional slot in White Plains NY.

This is good news for business travelers.  U.S. Airways needs more competition with Boston to DC flights.  JetBlue will give ’em all they can handle, which hopefully means flight costs coming down.

Delta also will get more unwanted competition from American on international flights via JFK.

Business travelers love it when the airlines aggressively compete as costs come down.

JetBlue and American – keep courting, we like it.

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