You Are Now Free To Take The Edge Off – Airport Bars

As a business traveler, you have to love a website with the tagline, “You are now free to take the edge off.”

I just found a cool little website about airport bars.

The website provides information about airport bars.  Travelers can also comment and review the airport drinking establishments.  You can also use the website filters to find an airport bar that has what you are looking for like: internet access, power outlets, take out, etc.

Here’s what the website’s owner says about his website:

“As stewards of the industry, we feel it is our duty to do as much ‘research’ as possible. When we have ‘one more’, we are not doing it for ourselves, but for the greater good. Some might call us heroes or unheralded prophets of the trade, but we are simply answering to our calling and hope that the information we provide will help our fellow travelers enjoy airport bars as much as we do.”

So next time you have some extra airport time and need to tip one back to take the edge off, visit

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