Flight Delays Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Congestion in the skies creates problems for business travelers.  But you already knew that.

Well, bad news.  The congestion could get worse.

According to the recently released Brookings Institution report, New York, Philadelphia, and 4 other cities have higher than average flight delays because of crowded airspace.

Passenger traffic in those same cities is also growing faster than the normal rate.  This means the delays could get worse when the economy rebounds.

I know, not what you wanted to hear.

The delays in the northeast airspace contribute to 75% of the delays nationally, which mean business travelers everywhere may be impacted by an increase of NE passenger traffic.

Flight delays can take a heavy toll on business travelers.  You’re not productive while sitting on the tarmac.  Plus the delays add to the stress of travel.

What can be done to reduce the delays?

Brookings suggests modernizing the air-traffic control systems with satellite based systems.  They also recommend busy airports consider “congestion pricing” or charging airlines higher fees to land at peak travel times.  This may help force airlines to spread their flights out more evenly throughout the day.

A high speed rail system that takes passengers away from air travel is another idea.

Unfortunately, it sounds like plans aren’t in place to rectify the delays, which may continue to be business as usual for travelers.

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