Best Airport for Sex

Sex in AirportsYou’re a business traveler.  You just want to get in and out of airports as fast as you can.

Well, what if there’s a flight or some other delay?

You’re stuck.  You can pass the time catching up on email and voicemail.  But you’re human and productivity fades in a noisy unfamiliar environment after a while …

Wow.  She/he was HOT!

Oh yes.  You noticed that beautiful person walking past you.  I mean who wouldn’t?

Maybe now your idea of using your time productively shifts to … looking for a hook-up.   Can you score a love connection before your flight leaves?  Who knows, maybe that hottie is on your same flight.  And, your “mile high club” passport hasn’t been stamped in a while.

Hooking up in an airport can be a challenge.  Luckily AXE brand commissioned a study to find the “Best U.S. and Global Airports to ‘Make a Connection‘”:

  1. Liberty International Airport (Newark, N.J.)
  2. JFK – John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York)
  3. Philadelphia International Airport
  4. Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
  5. Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport
  6. San Francisco International Airport
  7. Charles de Gaulle (Paris, France)
  8. O’Hare International Airport (Chicago)
  9. London Heathrow Airport
  10. Rome Fiumicino Airport

So what makes these the top 10 best airports for sex?

AXE looked at airports with great coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and retail stores.  They used this information in conjunction with data like on-time flight statistics.  And bang, out popped their best airport for sex list.

My favorite part of AXE’s study is the survey of adults between 18-34:

“Two out of three respondents (66 percent) said they would consider going on a date with someone they met while traveling, and 59 percent have flirted with someone while at the airport or on a plane. Surprisingly (or not?), more than half of respondents would consider joining the Mile High Club if given the opportunity.”

So you’re not the only horn dog out there!

Just as in non-airport scenes, you may score when you’re least expecting it.  So grab that airport coffee, find a comfortable seat, and look accessible; you may just get lucky.

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