Spirit Airlines Has No Soul

I’m floored.  Or at least all my bags will be if I ever fly Spirit Airlines again.

Let me explain.  Spirit, the small Florida based airline, recently announced a $45 per bag fee for – get this – carry-on bags.  No, not checked bags – they already have fees for those – bags you carry on with you to the plane.

If you put the bags in the overhead bin, Spirit says you will owe them $45 starting on Aug. 1, 2010.  If you put the bag on the floor in front of you, the carry on bag is still free.

What moron came up with this one?

First, no one will fly Spirit now if they have another option.  Second, how is the policy going to be enforced?  Will all the overhead bins be locked, and a steward necessary to open them up to put your paid-for-bag in the bin?  Ya, that’ll speed up loading the plane – not.

Business travelers and otherwise need to voice their opinion on this terrible precedent.  Big airlines are watching.  If Spirit can get away with this without too much customer backlash, the bigger players will try this new bag fee as well.

At some point an airline will step over the line and go too far with fees.  I think Spirit has crossed the line.

I have no plans to fly Spirit, nor will I as long as they have this fee in place.  What about you?

Spirit Airlines is dead to me. Spirit Airlines Has No Soul.

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