Senators Go After Spirit Airlines

Go get ’em Senators!

As you read in “Spirit Airlines has no soul“, Spirit Airlines wants to charge passengers for bringing a bag on the plane with them.  That’s right, charge for a carry-on bag.

Apparently business travelers weren’t the only ones that were rubbed the wrong way by this terrible idea by Spirit Airlines.

U.S. Senators were a bit bent by the idea as well.

Six Democratic senators have already come out against the Spirit Airline fee, and are actively trying to discourage other airlines from following suit.

How?  By threatening to increase Airline taxes, that’s how.

Apparently airlines pay taxes on fares that are collected.  However, they don’t pay taxes on fees charged to passengers.

The Senators have introduced a bill to change that, which may help dissuade airlines from hiking passenger fees.  The bill supposedly will prohibit airlines from charging fees on carry-on bags.  Plus, the airlines will need to increase advanced disclosure on fees.

Normally I’m against higher taxes, but in this case I think it’s a good idea.  Go Senators.

A Spirit employee was quoted in USA Today saying, “We are confident that once they [Senators] see the complete story that they will agree that this [carry-on baggage fees] is for the benefit of all customers.”

Ya right.  A new crazy fee that makes airline travel more expensive actually benefits us?  Dream on Spirit Airlines.

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