Fat People On Airplanes

C’mon people, be nice.

If a big person, or even a fat person sits down next to you on a flight, don’t give that nasty look a lot of you like to give.

As long as the bigger person can put their seat belt on and put the seat armrests down, there shouldn’t be an issue.  Sure, you may have to share more of the armrest than you like, but get over it.  Airplanes are small, and we all have to give up a little bit more personal space than we’d like.

If you hate people so much, go rent a private jet and get all the space you want.

Flying commercial is a bit like a cattle call as it is.  Don’t make it worse by being a jerk.  Who knows, that bigger person may end up being a future business client – but that certainly won’t happen if you flash that disgusted face and act a lot more put out than you actually are.

This little rant of mine is based on the South West Airlines vs. Actor/director Kevin Smith battle this past week.  Kevin purchased two seats, but only one was available.  SouthWest threw him off the plane, and Kevin sought revenge on Twitter.

Do you agree or disagree?  Leave a comment and explain why.

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Greencard marriage February 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm

People are sometimes cruel and mean. It is not fault of the fat person if they are big. And it is good Kevin took revenge but I think it is not good that he published it on twitter. On the worldwide TV perhaps so that those nasty Airlines will learn their lesson.

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